Victor Warren - Director


Glydascope Inc

HOT is a comic yet ultimately devastating look at an apocalyptic future Los Angeles torn apart by a dangerous virus, most of its victims left unconscious to die slowly. Life-long best friends Jones (Steven Strait) and Benny (Zachary Knighton) are holed up in an ostentatious penthouse with Jones spending his days caring for his comatose fiancée (Kate Siegel). Their only connection to what remains of the outside world is a militia member named Horn (Noah Segan) tasked with patrolling the city for newly infected citizens. Benny grows increasingly jealous of Jones, and strikes a deal with Horn to procure Benny his own girlfriend...albeit, in a coma.

With brutal language and imagery, alternately funny and horrifying, Victor Warren's film adaptation of Daniel Keleher's play tears back the curtain of social niceties to reveal the animal instinct of men.